John Higgins - Marketing Manager
My Marketing Career Experience
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My Marketing Career Experience

I am a Marketing professional having worked in all aspects of Marketing, including Online and Digital Marketing. I have developed both national and local marketing strategies to grow corporate brand awareness. I have designed and maintained corporate websites using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles, created marketing databases of current and potential clients, managed direct mail/email and survey campaigns, and designed marketing materials for use by the sales team. I have also organized marketing events, including the design of event materials, and promotion of trade show booth exhibition.

My education background is a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Pennsylvania State University, and a Master of Business Administration, focusing in Marketing and Sales, from Duquesne University.

I have posted some examples of past website work I have done. When designing and managing these websites, I treat them as a part of the overall marketing strategy, coordinating with other marketing processes to expand the company's brand awareness and increase website visitation, sales leads, and ultimately the client base. Some of these additional marketing processes include:

Also, I have posted a current copy of my resume. If you have a marketing need, or if you need more information, please contact me.

My contact information is: